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Why study in the United Kingdom?

So you’re thinking about studying in the United Kingdom? Featuring a unique culture and beautiful countryside, architecture and coastlines, these islands have something for everyone. Read our top ten reasons to choose the UK as your study destination.

1 You’ll be part of a multicultural melting pot.

The UK is famous for its cultural diversity, welcoming people from all across the world to live, work and study. In the 2018/19 academic year, there were 500,000 international students here.

2Complete your programme in a shorter amount of time.

Degrees in the UK take on average one year less compared to completing a degree in the US, setting you up perfectly for the world of work.

3Experience the unique British culture.

Whether it’s having some fish and chips, a pint at the local pub or wearing shorts while it’s raining, the British culture is incomparable and something worth experiencing.

4Your degree will be internationally recognised.

As the UK is recognised as one of the best places to complete higher education, gaining a degree in the UK is useful entering a career all of the world. From the USA to China.

5Excellent opportunity to improve your English language ability.

Studying in the UK, means your English will improve drastically from reading and writing at University, socialising with the local people and watching English entertainment on TV.

6Graduates are eligible for a post-study work visa.

International students who complete their degree in the UK can apply for a post-study visa. This will give you two years to stay in the UK, or three years if you study a PhD.

7Choose from an endless list of courses.

There are over 50,000 courses that students can choose from, giving students a wide range of courses to study. You can view these courses on UCAS.

8Mainland Europe is right on your doorstep.

The UK is your gateway to the rest of Europe. You can travel by ferry, train or plane to almost every country on the continent. No matter where you go, it won’t take longer than a few house. The world is your oyster!

9Every city has a different culture.

No city is the same in the United Kingdom. Use your time here to explore the whole country. London is different to Liverpool, and Edinburgh different to Manchester. But one thing they all have in common is the friendliness and warm welcome you’ll receive wherever you go.

10Cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime.

The UK is massive, you’re guaranteed to make a wide range of friends from different nationalities due the high levels of diversity in the UK.

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