The University of Stirling is a public university in Stirling, Scotland, founded by Royal Charter in 1967. It is located in the Central Belt of Scotland, built within the walled Airthrey Castle estate.

We aim to be recognised across the world as a University that addresses the needs of society through innovative and interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching of the highest quality, and by sharing our knowledge with the world.

The core strength of the University of Stirling is our people. To build on our success, we invest in the best staff from around the world to deliver on our ambitious strategies for research, teaching and our international partnerships.

The University of Stirling is organised for learning, teaching and research into five faculties, each of which comprises multiple departments, institutes and centres.


The University is located in the heart of Scotland between the big cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Stirling can be easily accessed through both air and rail with frequent connections to the big cities in Scotland as well as England.


The University have top courses in French, Human Resource Management and Marketing. Click below to discover the wide range of courses that are offered at the University of Stirling.