The University of Portsmouth is a public university in the city of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. The earliest incarnation of the University existed in the Victorian era, and it was granted university status in 1992.

We’re always discovering. We don’t fit the mould, we break it. Just as the world keeps moving, so do we.

We’re closely involved with our local community and we take our ideas into the global marketplace. We partner with business, industry and government to set the course for a better future. And we educate and transform the lives of our students to help them achieve their potential.

We stand out, not just in the UK but in the world. We excel in research areas from cosmology and astrophysics to cyber security, forensics and sport science.

Since the first day we opened our doors, we’ve looked towards the future. And we’re here to help you shape it.

Our undergraduates can access the latest equipment during their studies. There’s also academic and personal support available to help them make the most of their time with us.

The continuing investment we’re making in our laboratories and research capabilities is leading to major breakthroughs – such as the development of a plastic eating enzyme within our Centre for Enzyme Innovation.


Portsmouth is located in the south west of England. The city can be accessed via rail from big cities such as London. Furthermore, Portsmouth has a great nightlife as well as incredible shopping facilities to go with the stunning views.


The University offer top courses in Physics, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Click below to discover the wide range of courses that are offered by the University of Portsmouth.