Aston University is a public research university situated in the city centre of Birmingham, England. Aston began as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School in 1895, evolving into the UK’s first College of Advanced Technology in 1956. Aston University has been consistently ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK for employability and alumni satisfaction.

Students from over 120 countries choose to study at Aston University – a safe and friendly campus enjoyed by a global, multicultural community. Birmingham is one of the UK’s most diverse cities and home to an unrivalled cultural heritage, top sporting events, music, performing arts and outstanding world cuisine.

Aston University focus on:

  • Providing high-quality teaching and student support
  • Producing collaborative research with high translation and impact
  • Promoting skill building and industry development
  • Fostering community engagement and development


Aston University is located in the heart of Birmingham, West Midlands. The second largest city in the UK, representing a huge number of cultures and languages. The city has excellent transport links to London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool as well as many more.


Aston University offers an array of courses to choose from, each one providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to excel in their desired field. Whether you want to study business, engineering, or something else entirely, Aston has a course for you.

The University offer top courses in Optometry, Marketing and Construction Management.

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