Best Universities for Medicine UK – 5 of the Best to Study at

The United Kingdom is widely recognized worldwide for its outstanding medical education and training programs. Boasting a wide array of universities that consistently rank among the best for medical courses internationally. A key reasons for this reputation is the UK’s commitment to creating a culturally diverse and enriching learning environment. Which has been attracting students from various backgrounds and nationalities who are eager to pursue their medical degrees. These students can be confident that their UK medical qualifications will be acknowledged and respected across the globe. By studying medicine in the UK, students not only open themselves up to a multitude of career opportunities in different countries. It also become part of a rich tradition of medical research and innovation that is deeply ingrained in the top UK universities. This blog aims to provide guidance on some of the leading universities in the UK for studying medicine. A unique aspect of medical education in the UK is the role played by the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS provides clinical training which allows medical students to gain invaluable skill. One key skill learnt is hands-on experience by actively participating in a wide range of medical cases. The comprehensive curriculum, typically spanning over 5-6 years, encompasses clinical rotations as well as a dedicated year focused on research or specialization. This ensures that graduates are thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the medical profession.

Studying medicine in the UK although it can be a long and difficult challenge. It offers students an exceptional educational experience supported by world-class universities and the renowned NHS. The combination of rigorous academic training, exposure to diverse healthcare settings, and a commitment to research and innovation. This creates a solid foundation for future medical professionals. Whether you aspire to practice medicine in the UK or abroad, pursuing a medical degree in the UK is a decision that can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the field of medicine. This blog is a guide on the best universities for Medicine UK.

Best Universities to study Medicine in the UK

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford holds the distinction of being the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Presently, it stands as one of the most esteemed educational institutions in both the UK and globally. The university’s status is evident from the substantial number of international students, constituting approximately 42% of the current student body. Within the University of Oxford, their Medicine program stands out due to its well-structured course. This course is divided into two stages: pre-clinical and clinical. The initial three years, known as the pre-clinical stage, concentrate on providing a comprehensive foundation in medical science, leading to a BA Honours degree in Medical Science. This phase includes a research project designed to augment students’ understanding of the scientific principles underlying medicine.

Panoramic Image showing one section of the campus of the University of Oxford. Shows older historic buildings surrounding a courtyard with a dome like building in the middle

Key Rankings and Statistics

  • Guardian University Guide (2024): The University of Oxford is ranked 8th in the UK.
  • QS Medicine Ranking (2023): Oxford is ranked 2nd
  • Times Higher Education (2024): University of Oxford has ranked 1st internationally for last 8 years consecutively.

As shown by the rankings, the University of Oxford has ranked extremely well, coming at the top of the league tables consistently. This reflects the high standards of education that the University of Oxford can offer.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a prestigious university and is known for its excellent quality of education and research. To this day the University of Cambridge continues to operate and is the third oldest university that is still operating. It has attracted numerous students from around the world with around 40% of the students being international students. The University of Cambridge is made up of 31 colleges which students can specifically apply to their chosen colleges. If they choose not to apply for a specific college they can be assigned randomly to one. The University of Cambridge has a high standard of medical education. It has also been consistently ranking at the top of university league tables for a medical degree globally. It has an excellent group of teaching staff which supervise small groups of students, which allows more individual teacher-student teaching time.

Image showing one part of the University of Cambridge. With a cathedral like building on the left. To the right there is a open courtyard covered in grass. To the left of the image a set of buildings overlooking a main street that is between the university and the other buildings.

Key Rankings and Statistics

  • Guardian University Guide (2024): Ranked 2nd in the UK
  • QS World University Rankings (2024): 5th internationally.
  • THE (2024): 3rd

The University of Cambridge consistently ranks in the top of not only the best universities for medicine in the UK but also globally.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a globally renown university that is known for its quality of teaching. Since being established in 1907, the university is highly recognised by employers and has continuously produced a high numbers successful graduates each year. The university known as being the only university in the UK to specialise in specific courses such as, business, engineering, medicine, and science. Imperial College London is especially known for its integrated MBBS/BSc medicine courses. Which are designed to teach students certain skills and mindsets such as, professional development, critical thinking, and teamwork. Students that are accepted into Imperial College London’s medical courses experience early clinical skills training and patient contact with the emphasis on health and disease prevention. The increased practical in the courses is supported by numerous partnerships with NHS Trusts, clinics, and hospitals, which provide students experience of real-world context to theoretical knowledge.

Image of a new modern building that has the name of the university, Imperial College London

Key Rankings and Statistics

  • The Guardian University Guide (2024): Ranked 7th.
  • QS Medicine Ranking (2023): Ranked 8th.
  • THE (2024): 4th Internationally

Imperial College London, as a specialist university focusing in sciences, medicine and business, it is no wonder that it is known around the world as a top-ranking university for prospective students to study medicine.

University College London

The University College London is another globally renown university situated in the heart of the capital. UCL is a member of the Russell Group and is comprised of 11 faculties staffed with approximately 850 top level professors and approximately 6,000 academic and research staff. The university attracts students from around the world due to its global recognition as shown by around 55% of the student being international students. The University College London has an extensive Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. These programs are designed to train highly capable, patient-oriented clinicians. These bachelor’s degrees are generally six-year courses which teach students skills such as, basic and clinical medical sciences with professional skills and competencies, which prepare graduates to meet contemporary medical challenges in their future careers.

Image showing the grand building on the University College London. A top a set of stairs is a large building with large columns which hold the roof. Above is a dome like roof that ends with a tip at the top.

Key Rankings and Statistics

  • The Guardian University Guide (2024): 12th
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024: 6th in Medicine globally
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024: 7th internationally ranked by subject.

University College London is a globally renown university that produces bright prospective clinicians. This is why it ranks high in university league tables in the UK and internationally.

King’s College London

King’s College London is another university that is recognised globally due to continually producing many successful graduates throughout the years. As it is globally recognised, the university attracts students from across 160 countries to study in London. This is proven by the fact that the university has the 6th highest percentage of international students compared to other universities, with around 54.4% of the student body being international students. King’s College London has a strong emphasis on research with an extensive educational structure that stretches across various disciplines within the medical field. King’s College London’s Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine has a broad range of academic specialties such as Public Health, Clinical Medicine, Health Services and many more. This further shows the universities broad educational scope and commitment to educating medical students to their fullest.

Image showing a set of 5 red flags set along a building side at equal distance from each other. the flags hang down with the text King's College London on the bottom of the red flags.

Key Rankings and Statistics

  • Guardian University Guide (2022): 27th
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject (2024): 13th for Medicine.
  • Times Higher Education (2024): 13th internationally ranked by subject.

King’s College London has established itself as a top university with a strong research background and for its medicine course. It is  why King’s College London is considered one of the best universities for medicine in the UK and globally.


Looking at the UK’s best universities for medicine, each university provides students with their own unique cross of experiences, teachings, and research opportunities. Each of these is designed to prepare students for the challenges they will face in their professional career in the medical field. Although the courses are structured differently, each of the top universities can effectively produce top successful graduates equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively succeed in the medical field. Which is why these universities have stood at the top of university league tables and continue to do so.

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