Who are we?

ukuniversities.com is a comprehensive search engine for students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. You can search for any course, discover your dream university and start your application for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

This website is brought to you by Global Study UK, a Central London based educational consultancy with 100+ employees and offices across the Middle East and North Africa serving thousands of students each year. Our counsellors are accredited by the British Council - discover what you should expect from us.

Why start your application through ukuniversities.com?

Application Support

Our expert counsellors are always on hand to help you with every aspect of your university application. We offer support throughout the entire process, and can help you regardless of the stage you are at.

Exclusive Scholarships

By partnering with universities, we are able to offer exclusive partial scholarships to our students. By applying through us, we can work to help you get a partial scholarship which you may struggle to get by yourself.

VISA Guidance

We have our own VISA counselling experts who are always on hand to prepare you for the VISA application process. We have years of experience in this area and can answer every question you have relating to Tier-4 VISA's.


You know where you want to study, but you don't know where you want to live. Finding accommodation in a foreign country is always intimidating, so we will always be happy to help you find your accommodation based on the criteria you give us!