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Bradford (University of)

The University of Bradford is a public research university located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Bradford is an exciting place to be a student. It's creative, diverse and there's so much to do. Whatever you're into you'll find it here, and there's loads to explore when you venture beyond the city centre. You’ll find everything you need on City Campus – whether you’re studying, relaxing or playing. It has the kind of community atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere. It’s a friendly, welcoming place where great things happen. City Campus is compact, self contained, and located just minutes from the city centre. We have fantastic sports facilities on campus including Unique Fitness and Lifestyle, which offers a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, regular classes and therapy sessions, and a multi-use sports hall.

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Course of the Week

Computer Science

Studying computer science in the UK can lead to a world of opportunities, from games development to network and systems management. You may find yourself working in an industry such as aerospace, financial services or telecommunications. This degree is highly-competitive so students should take on a placement year to stand out from the competition.

This degree teaches students a range of different valuable skills such as reading/writing code, understanding different computer specifications and different coding languages which provide a range of opportunities for students as every business these days need someone who can understand and write code.

Click below to browse Computer Science courses, find your dream programme and start your application. Register today and begin your journey.

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